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More Pickings

Some 29 years ago in Cleveland I had the joy of discovery as I introduced new music to audiences at LaCave. That pleasure is still fantastic -- it's an honor to help on this Folknet project and here present 16 artists, some of whom have been working at is just as long. The richly varied sampling includes four mostly traditional instrumentals as will as a dozen contemporary ballads. Three are topical songs which transcend the mere confines of place and time.

This is our second annual disc. Of course the 1996 crop is a "natural selection" product picked from only those songs of our members who chose to participate. Our area is fertile ground for acoustic music. With these discs we look to get more of it to radio and folk venues in the future.

Larry Bruner
March, 1996

Song List

Sure Feels Like Home -- Victoria Parks
Come Home -- Hal Walker
Planxty George Brabazon -- Samels Family
Who Killed Tedd Browne? -- Walt Campbell
A Little More Fair, A Little More Free -- Kathy Johnson
Deer Tracks -- Kerry Kean
After The Rain -- Kirk Kasten
That Old Gospel Ship -- Jim and Dave
Breath of God -- Only Children
This Is The Earth -- Christopher
Kirby -- Keith Reichley
Song of The Frontier -- Blue Rose
Treadmarks -- Susan Weber
My Little Girl -- Part Time Pleasure
Stolen Gold -- Jeff Moyer
Fare Thee Well, Art Modell -- Roland Kausen

More Pickings is produced by Mary Brown with project coordinators Jane Kowall & Larry Bruner for Folknet.