Northeast Ohio's Folk, Traditional Music, and Dance Society
Folknet is a not-for-profit educational organization that exists to nurture the development and expansion of a vibrant folk and traditional arts community
 of performers, organizations and advocates throughout Northeast Ohio.

Acoustic Harvest

Northeast Ohio has always had an abundance of music. It is from this richness that Folknet proudly offers its first compilation disk featuring a selection of acoustic music. The CD music selections are listed below. Information on the artists can be found on the Folknet Artists page.

Fertile Ground
Song List

    Langstrom's Pony - Matthew Abelson
    Ring Around The Moon - Sarah Goslee Reed
    All We Have Is Time - Jim Schafer
    Bungee Jumpin' In Love - Gary Hall
    Margarita - Walt Campbell
    The Nickel Plate Road - Shirley Jay
    Peace In The Garden - The Hotfoot Bluegrass Band
    Well-Tanned, Hairy-Chested, Bare-Armed Men - Kathy Johnson
    Ol' Josh - Charley Brown
    Dancer - Chris Reynolds
    Uni-Sex - Dave Rose
    The Magic Forest - Tom & Carol Norulak
    Old French - Part-Time Pleasure Hammered Dulcimer Band
    John Hardy - The Bluegrass Hotline
    Smith's Reel - The Boiled Buzzards
    The Fox - Jim & Dave
    Stop, Look and Listen - Jon Mosey
    Rottin' on the Windowsill - John Arlis
    Guns of the Magnificent Seven -- Tap the Bow
    Walkin' My Troubles Away - Jon Mosey
    Passing Through/Little Billie Wilson/Elzic's Farewell - Frumious Bandersnatch
    Innocent Love - Kirk T. Kasten
    Love is Like Sand - Sarah Goslee Reed
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